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Gold Buyer in Hamburg / Germany

We Buy Gold and Jewelry
We Buy Gold and Jewelry in Hamburg Germany

We buy and sell precious metals (Gold, Silver, Platinium, Palladium) in Hamburg Germany. We buy also gold coins including krugerrands, sovereigns, Maple leafs, gold eagle, Ducats and pay market rates based upon the live gold spot price.

What we Buy?

We buy scrap gold, dental gold, broken and unwanted gold jewellery gold rings, necklaces, earrings, chains, charms, pendants, Watches. We also buy gold coins, goldbars and sovereigns for cash in Hamburg.

We turn gold into money

we recover gold from scrap, used or unwanted gold, damaged gold, platinum, silver, and any precious metal. Goldtrans is based in Hamburg Germany. We stand behind our customer to bring fair pricing and guaranteed quality to all our vendors.

Current Gold Prices Per gram in EUR (Euro)

Gold 999 24ct
45,00 €/g
Gold 986 23,6ct
44,37 €/g
Gold 980 23,5ct
44,10 €/g
Gold 965 23ct
43,43 €/g
Gold 916 22ct
41,22 €/g
Gold 900 21.6ct
40,50 €/g
Gold 875 21ct
39,38 €/g
Gold 833 20ct
37,49 €/g
Gold 750 18ct
33,75 €/g
Gold 585 14ct
26,33 €/g
Gold 416 10ct
18,72 €/g
Gold 375 9ct
16,88 €/g
Gold 333 8ct
14,99 €/g

Prices for selling and buying gold / Prices Updated 24.09.2021 Hamburg

How can I sell Gold and silver from outside Germany?

We also buy gold and silver from many other European countries.
You are welcome to visit our office to sell Gold, Silver in Hamburg , but it’s also very easy to sell to us using the post.

Complete this form and enclose with your shipment. You will receive an offer the same day by e-mail we receive your package!

How do you pay?

  1. PayPal
  2. Direct (BACS) Bank Transfer
  3. Cheque

To sell your gold and silver today call us:

Our contact information: Goldtrans Edelmetallhandel Gold Buyer
Ahrensburger Strasse 69 22041 Hamburg
Tel.: 040 / 970 79 580 Fax.: 040 / 970 79 581
E-Mail: info@goldtrans.de

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